"Who Is Ashley Hall" Quiz

1. Ash was born in:

a. Arizona
b. Illinois
c. Utah
d. Malta

2. The only raw veggies Ash won’t eat are:

a. Broccoli and cauliflower
b. Tomatoes and onions
c. Cucumbers and mushrooms (are mushrooms vegetables?)

3. Ash has a valid high school diploma:

a. True
b. False

4. Ash’s day job is:

a. Writing, arranging, performing music
b. Professional wrestling
c. Supply chain management
d. Animal rendering

5. Some of Ash’s favorite bands are:

a. Afterglow, Jericho Road, Sons of Provo
b. AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera
c. NWA, Nas, Ghostface Killa
d. Beatles, Cocteau Twins, The Cure

6. Countries Ash hasn’t visited:

a. Kenya, Zimbabwe, Egypt
b. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia
c. Vietnam, Korea, Japan
d. Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina

7. Ash was asked to leave music classes taught by:

a. Mr. Stoll (Junior High)
b. Mrs. Lichfield (High School)
c. Dr. Wilberg (University)
d. All of the above

8. Delicacies Ash has yet to taste:

a. Deer genitalia
b. Cow hoof
c. Kimchi
d. “Peanut” insect

9. If one could earn a university degree without a valid high school diploma, which degrees would Ash hold?

a. B.A. Music, B.A. Humanities, M.B.A.
b. B.M. Performance, M.M. Composition
c. B.S. Astrobiology, M.A. Retail Floristry

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